What is an autoflowering cannabis strain?

What is an autoflowering cannabis strain?

Autoflowering cannabis strain is an evolved version of cannabis that – unlike photoperiod cannabis seeds – does not depend on light schedules to trigger flowering, instead; they enter the flowering phase automatically after a certain age. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are known for their convenience for one does not need to switch or control the light schedules to trigger flowering and the harvest is quicker as compared to photoperiod seeds.

Distinctive features of autoflowering cannabis seeds:

Autoflowering cannabis seeds differ from the conventional photoperiod ones in a number of ways, the major difference being age dependent vegetation phase in the former instead of light exposure. This is one of the reasons beginner growers are recommended to opt for autoflowering strain so that they have less to worry about changing light schedules. Autoflowering cannabis seeds normally produce smaller plants which results in lower yield as compared to photoperiod seeds, however, the yield is quicker which makes it a preferred choice for many growers. Another feature that differentiates autoflowering cannabis seeds from photoperiod ones is that the former cannot be used for breeding and one seed produces one plant.

Some advantages of autoflowering cannabis seeds:  

One of the major advantages of autoflowering cannabis strain is its short lifespan which allows the farmer to reap the fruits sooner and quicker yield means quicker trade opportunities. Secondly, autoflowering seeds do not require different environments for vegetation and flowering phase, hence it spares the grower the hassle of designing and monitoring light schedules at each phase. It allows new and inexperienced farmers to try their luck at cannabis with minimal risk involved. Short life span of autoflowering seeds allow multiple harvests in one season, thus compensating for limited yield per harvest. It also allows the farmers to grow cannabis in cold regions where summers are short-lived.

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