What is a photoperiod cannabis strain?

What is a photoperiod cannabis strain?

Photoperiod cannabis, in simplest words, is the natural state of cannabis strain. Despite the rise of quick yielding auto-flowering version, most conventional growers and industrialists still prefer photoperiod strain and consider it the ‘original’ form of cannabis.  As the name suggests, photoperiod cannabis seeds require a particular cycle of daily light exposure in order to vegetate and flower.

Life cycle:

A typical life cycle of photoperiod strains can be divided into vegetation period and flowering period. Both stages require different nutrients and light exposure. Vegetation period starts as soon as the seeds are sown and lasts till the plant starts flowering. Under controlled indoor conditions, the vegetation period lasts for one to two months, during which significant amount of water, nutrients and light is required by the plant for optimal growth. Commonly used light schedules for vegetation period are 18/6 to 24/0. The flowering phase lasts from budding till harvest and is considered a delicate period for the plant. During this period, a 12/12 light schedule is used.

For outdoor plants, the degree of control is limited and the duration of each period depends on the weather. For this reason, cannabis seeds are sown in the beginning of summers so that beginning of autumn can provide adequate light cycle for flowering phase.

Distinctive features of photoperiod cannabis strain:

There are some features of photoperiod cannabis strain that are distinctive from auto-flowering strain. Firstly, unlike auto-flowering cannabis seeds, photoperiod seeds can be cloned and one seed can produce unlimited plants. Photoperiod strain will not start flowering unless put into a 12/12 light cycle, instead the vegetation period will continue indefinitely. Photoperiod cannabis seeds take longer to produce yield but since they produce larger plants, the yield is higher as compared to auto-flowering seeds. Finally, photoperiod cannabis plants are tougher and more resistant to tough condition courtesy to indefinite vegetation period.

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