What are regular cannabis seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are usually found in most parts of the world. Before the Dutch invention in 1999, regular cannabis seeds were the only option for people. These seeds constitute 50% male and 50% female. Due to the underlying disadvantages of regular seeds, they were overcome by feminized seeds; however, they are still sold in the market.

Flaws of regular cannabis seeds

The male cannabis seeds are of little use for the growers, so it is a waste of land. Moreover, regular seeds complex the stashing process. Adding to the problems, the grower will have to face some extra challenges for growing seeds next year.

Advantages of regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are useful for people who don’t have any problem with the male plant. It is also beneficial for those who are new to the field and are determined to produce their seeds. In countries where the importing of cannabis seeds is banned, regular cannabis seeds provide an edge. Some traditional gardeners are not comfortable with the new feminized technology, so they prefer regular seeds.

The traditional seed-producing

If you are a gardener who takes an interest in growing your seed stock, then regular seeds will be a vital part of the process. The male plant will have to be separated from the female part, and its pollen will be collected. This pollen will be used for the female plant, and then the female plant will start producing seeds.

Re-establishment of cannabis seeds

Regular seeds are a beaming hope for those people who wish to see the cannabis plant grow in the wild again. Growers plant cannabis seeds in the wild and let them grow in their natural habitat. Some also choose to plant it in inaccessible mountain areas to allow cross-pollination deliberately.

Concluding Remarks

Regular seeds have lost their popularity in the market, but they remain a crucial aspect in the growth of the cannabis plant.

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