What are feminised cannabis seeds?

Science has discovered various types of cannabis seeds; Dutch was innovative enough to cultivate95% female cannabis plant. Thus, it is called feminised cannabis seed. In recent times, feminised cannabis seeds are the most popular all over the world.

Reasons that led to its discovery

The regular seeds, which contain 50% male and 50% female cannabis seeds, had several inconveniences in their bucket. There was a need to grow twice the amount of cannabis seed to get the desired quantity of female seeds. Furthermore, the male plants were a waste of space in the garden, and they were a full risk in reducing the finest sensimilla.

The feminised seed experiment

It all started back in 1999 when a Dutch grew 15 different varieties of feminised seeds. There were two primary goals behind the experiment:

  1. Determine the percentage of male and female composition in the plant
  2. Determine the uniformity in the output

The results were astonishing as nine out of fifteen plants should 100% female results with up to 70% uniformity.

Growth of feminised seeds

Feminised seeds can be grown just like regular seeds, but they result in more stable seeds than regular seeds. These seeds can be grown anywhere you find convenient, be it indoors, outdoors, or greenhouse. Feminised seeds are also flexible concerning soil as you can cultivate them in soil or hydroponic system.

Advantages of feminised seeds

Feminised seeds have simplified the complexity of growing cannabis seeds. The output of feminised seeds is more uniform as compared to regular seeds. All that you need for increasing feminised seeds is sufficient nutrients and sunlight. Thus, growers have shifted towards these cannabis seeds rather than regular seeds.

Concluding Remarks

The successful experiment held in 1999 has opened many ways of ease for the present growers of cannabis seeds. More in-depth research with cannabis seeds can lead to many discoveries, which can increase plants’ uniformity.

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