Storage + Packaging

Here we will go through our packaging process as we want you to see what goes off prior to you receiving your order.

Storage Conditions 
All our seeds are kept in stable temperatures in air tight boxes in a refrigerator. 

Packaging Process
If you purchase packs from Cheeba Beans you will receive the seeds in the original breeder packs. Most of our single seeds are repackaged with a label in a vial with a foam protector in a baggie for the ultimate seed seal!

If you purchase single seeds, the singles will be picked in a sterile environment with tweezers.

Once picked, we add a strain information and quantity label so you know exactly what you’re receiving!

Discreet Packaging
Once packed and labelled we will add your order to a larger grip seal bag with some general Cheeba Beans promo goodies!

The package will arrive at your doorstop in plain / discreet packaging.

Overseas Packages
Any packaging which we send out of the EU requires custom declaration stickers to detail the order; these are detailed as ‘limited edition DVD or game’.

Stealth Packaging
We offer a stealth service providing you select stealth on checkout. Your order will be packaged in a DVD which will be securely skink wrapped.