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Ultra Klean Ultra Pure synthetic urine is lab tested and guaranteed to pass any urine test. Our Ultra Klean synthetic urine is unisex and comes with everything you need including fake urine, temperature strip, heat pad, silent squeeze bottle and a pour cap. We are so confident that we offer a 500% manufacturers money back guarantee! Every bottle of fake pee comes calibrated to perfection. You will find all natural human like traits in every sample such as pH, uric acid, and specific gravity. When it comes time for use simply follow these directions to ensure accuracy and passing results. This product can be stored at room temperature for up to three full years. There is no freezing or thawing required on this fake urine!!!

Steps to use synthetic urine kit:


-Shake contents of bottle before you pop the Ultra Klean Ultra Pure synthetic urine in the microwave and then heat for 10 seconds.
-Shake the provided heating pad and attach to your bottle with rubber band.
-Place the synthetic urine with the heating pad on in it in desired place.
Your temperature strip located on the front should read between 90-100 degrees, the required temperature. Your Ultra Pure synthetic urine kit is now ready for use!
If you do not have microwave access, keep the heating pad attached for 45-60 minutes to reach the optimal temperature of 90-100 degrees.


This fake urine product contains all the proper compounds and will work in every laboratory in every state. Ultra Klean synthetic urine is the best fake pee around, with proven results year after year. Order your 2 oz bottle of fake urine today and have it in your hand by tomorrow!! Shipping comes in an unmarked box and is very discreet.

This synthetic fake urine is best used for general study, test kit calibration, or a fake prank novelty item. As always, Ultra Klean Ultra Pure synthetic urine should always be used in accordance with all state and federal laws.

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