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Home News Welcoming you to Anesia Seeds!

Welcoming you to Anesia Seeds!

Cheeba Beans are proud to introduce a new up and coming seed bank, to add to our collection of breeders Anesia Seeds. A seedbank who pride themselves on high THC, terpene rich Cannabis cultivars that cover Indica, Sativa, hybrids, Kush, medical strains and landrace varieties. 

All of the Anesia Seeds lines are feminised meaning that all of the Cannabis plants only be female. Using high standards developed by multi-generational professional breeding methods, Anesisa Seeds guarantees award winning outstanding results, high cannabinoid profiles and the highest standards in terms of quality, aroma and potency.

There are 15 Autoflowering cultivars available for growers who enjoy the success automatics can bring, in Europe and South America. With some delicious sounding and looking strains such as Auto Blueberry Banana, Auto Bubblegum, Auto Nova OG and Purple Domina Auto.

Over 40+ feminised photoperiod strains are available, where the very best genetics from around the world have been gathered, with 9 exotic landraces, 3 kush strains and 13 hybrids to choose from. This certainly makes Anesia Seeds a strong candidate for starting your own breeding project at home, or for growing a multi diverse library of the best sourced cultivars from across the globe.

For Kush lovers who demand the highest potency available, Anesia Seeds has spent two years creating Nova OG. A clone from Canada that was back crossed and after testing came in at 32% THC, this strain is for professional smokers only who enjoy a lip licking fruity, earthy taste with a lemon kick. 

Blackberry Moonrock
Blackberry Moonrock

Blackberry Moonrock is another mouth watering strain that was created by the crossing of a Blackberry Kush male with a Blue Moon Rock female. The breeders at Anesia Seeds made another extremely potent Cannabis strain, testing in at 32% THC. Bag appeal is through the roof with Blackberry Moonrock as dried flowers turn a blue and purple colour, and with a citrus, lavender, blueberry and blackberry flavour profile, meaning this strain is certainly one for the seed vault. 

Future #1

The future of high THC varieties is here with Future #1, with one lab test revealing a 37% THC reading. By crossing Gorilla Glue #4 with a StarFighter F2, Anesia Seeds created a cannabinoid powerhouse that comes with a pineapple, mango and citrus fruity and floral edge, thanks to the high amounts of Myrcene, Nerodial and Limonene. 

You can shop the full Anesia Seeds collection by following the link:

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