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Home News Welcome to Germination Station!

Welcome to Germination Station!

Hello and welcome to our first blog post! This is a post to really say hi and saying what we’ve been up too over the last few months.

We’ve been working on getting the site up to date with our progressive seed catalogue which we’ve collected over the years with our sister headshop. We’re proud to say we stock over 1300 strains and counting. We’re happy to be offering some unique strains from Surebreed and Elev8 seeds.

We understand it can be tricky to pinpoint which strain you’re after when we’re offering numbers like ‘over 1300 strains’, this is why we have a ‘seed type’ section where we have autos, feminised and regular seeds. We also have a ‘top 10 strain section’ for the ones who are seeking the more popular and sought after strains, on the top 10 strains page you can see the most popular ones in a collective:

Getting Germination Station online has been a fun project to say the least and we look forward to pushing out content as well as many strains from around the globe!

We’re also pleased to announce our sponsor we have going with GrowRoom420. GrowRoom420 is a group of passionate growers coming together to share their knowledge and expertise. The group are a friendly bunch and are always there to help so head over and go and say hi!  You can visit the forum by following the below link:

Be sure to follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook where we post unique content on each platform. Instagram is generally used to showcase our stocked strains and Facebook is used for updates and competitions.

Finally, we’d just like to point out we have a competition going on our Facebook for a chance to win a 5 pack of Grand Daddy Purp feminised seeds! All we ask to do to enter is to both follow and like our Facebook and Instagram page as well as like the original post, simple! Each month we will announce the winners starting February 28th 2018. Grand Daddy Purp is one of the Godfathers of the cannabis industry. This royal Indica dense solid nugs, magnificent and unbelievable in colour! This going to be an ongoing thing for a few months. We are then looking at doing some competitions and working with seed banks where we will be offering bigger prize pools! Keep an eye on our pages for competition announcements. Be sure to check out our web store to see our full catalogue of seeds, we offer both singles and packs.

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