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Hemp & CBD Show 2019


Hey everyone!

On Friday the 1st of March the Cheeba Beans teamed up with Growers Choice from Holland to combine a stall for the first Hemp and CBD show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The show was open to the public between the 2nd and 3rd of March. 

The Friday involved both the Cheeba Beans and Growers Choice crew putting everything up which was a fun yet action packed day.

Saturday was the opening of the show and this started with us giving out a Cheeba Beans goodie bag for the first half the day, this goodie bag was for everyone we interacted with. The second half of the day we implemented a spinning wheel and encouraged people to sign up to our closed Facebook group (Cheeba Beans), this is a group with the aim to build a Cheeba Beans community where everyone can discuss all things cannabis, every so often us at Cheeba Beans will be doing exclusive in-group free seed giveaways. We did our best to get people to join the group via Facebook, by signing up you got a free goodie bag + a spin on the wheel which offered a handful of goodies! Almost all our goodie bags went within the first day, we couldn’t believe the interaction which manifested at our stall so thank you everyone!

Please do request to join the Facebook group and we’ll let you in kindly:

At the show we was offering some exclusive strains from Mass Medical Strains. Mass Medical Strains are located in western Massachusetts where all their plants are grown and bred 100% organically with no additives, they believe in copying nature as much as possible where they use nothing but soil and water, just as nature intended!

You can see our Mass Medical Strain collection by following the below link: 

The Saturday ended with Cheeba Beans been invited to the awards ceremony alongside the Growers Choice team. We was pleased to be part of the awards ceremony.  Growers Choice managed to pull off a 2nd for best seed bank at the ceremony and we managed to get get 3rd which was very happy to receive. 

A close-up of the trophy!

What made receiving the trophy that more special was the fact it was the first UK Hemp & CBD show at the Birmingham NEC!

The Sunday was more of a steady day due to us knowing what to expect, this doesn’t mean the day wasn’t as busy. We kept up by giving out the goodie bags to everyone who joined our Facebook group.

Alongside Mass Medical Strains, we planned to offer In-House Genetics however we didn’t receive them in time.

We do have them in stock on the web store now though, which you can see linked below:

We just want to thank the Hemp & CBD for having us and we’re really looking forward to the next one at the fall of 2019.

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