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Home News Cheeba Beans 420 30% mega discount!

Cheeba Beans 420 30% mega discount!

Hey guys! Firstly, happy 420! Do you know where term 420 originally came from?

420 is the month of April followed by the date in the US date format. 420 originates back to 1971 where high school kids arranged a mission to find an abandoned cannabis crop they were informed of, the meeting time was 420 which in turn was phrased as a little code word for the mission and overtime the code word started to get around began to be used to mean the consumption of cannabis products. The story is known as the Waldo story and High Times has been responsible for taking the story and suppressing all other stories about the origin of the term. April the 20th over the years has become a staple day and has been used as an international counterculture holiday where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.

Events happen all over the world at major parks where people come together in peace to consume and enjoy cannabis, the events usually don’t attract any bother and the authorities seem to accept and contain it.

Us at Cheeba Beans would like to offer you a little online based 420 promo where you can save a massive 30% on all orders over £25.00 which is the best deal we’ve offered so far.

What does 420 mean to you and how are you celebrating 420 for 2019?

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