20% mega sale at Cheeba Beans Cannabis Seeds! Worldwide card payments 🌱

Hi all,

To celebrate the fact we are now offering worldwide card payments, Cheeba Beans are running a 5 day 20% sale! The discount will be automatically applied on checkout. The sale begins now and ends 6th October 23:59pm GMT.

USA Customers: You need to ensure that 3D Secure is enabled on your credit / debit card, you can do this by simply contacting your provider and activating before ordering, this only needs to be done once. This is due to European laws which are in place to offer a secure and fraud free shopping experience. If you don’t activate this, your card may be declined on checkout.

If you happen to have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to email us.

See you at the store!


Cheeba Beans Team

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The last of Mass Medical Seeds! 100% Organic 🌱

ImageHello everyone! We’re unsure if you’re familiar with Mass Medical Strains but they are a group independent breeders based in Massachusetts USA. The breeders have lately stopped breeder and being part of the cannabis community. Due to this reason, Mass Medical Strains are now pretty hard to come by. Mass Medical Strains are responsible for the output of some of the most potent strains in existence with THC levels exceeding 25% and topping 30% which are pretty hard to come by. We still have a small amount of these unique strains left at Cheeba Beans!

You can read more about Mass Medical Strains below as well visit their archives by going to their Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/massmedicalstrains2.0/?hl=en

Experience & Knowledge
We are a collective of atoms working together in living harmony creating a unique positive vibration. All plants are grown and bred 100% organically with no additives. We believe in copying nature as much as possible, to stay wholesome and true to our souls, health, and the environment.

Strong Strains
Our sacred bond with this plant, as well as very high standards and a love for rare genetics fuels our passion to breed the best unique plants. Unique effects and flavours are some of our top priorities for our unique strains, keeping them special and extremely enjoyable.

Innovative & Practical
We have come out into the community because of so much local positive feedback and demand, as well as an international presence where our purple strains have been gaining attention as some of the most stable, potent, and enjoyable new varieties. This is all a hobby, a side project in life. It is not done with money as a goal, and therefore all actions are done as a labour of love.

We have the following available in very small quantities, once they are gone, they are gone!

– Prayer Glue
– Lamb’s Pupil
– Panama Pupil V3
– Turbulent Juice
– Pupil Magoo F1
– Praying Mantis
– Prayer Pupil
– Heavenly Sativa
– Eastcoasterlamb

You can view the full Mass Medical Strains: https://www.cheebabeans.com/collections … l-strains/

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Free seeds with Heavyweight Seeds!

Hi all. We have a juicy promotion with the people from Heavyweight Seeds. With every full pack of Heavyweight Seeds purchased over the Summer period you’ll get an additional Tropic Punch single seed. That’s correct, an additional FREE seed!

You can read more about Tropic Punch below:

Tropic Punch is a beautiful indica-dominant plant with excellent results both indoors and outdoors. The tasty buds are dense and full of crystals.

It’s aroma and flavor are reminiscent of that sweet and fruity aftertaste of Fruit Punch but with great tropical touches of mango, pineapple and papaya coming from the genes of its predecessors.”

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