Introduction to cannabis concentrates (Dabbing)

You may have come across cannabis concentrates in your life but are not truly aware of it. Concentrates can be found in a variety of different products, such as muscle creams and oil cartridges. Cannabis concentrates are extracted from the cannabis plant by taking out the plant’s desired useful compounds while removing any harmful impurity.

Types of concentrates

There are different types of concentrates, some of which are listed below:

  • Hash
  • Shatter
  • Budder
  • Crumble
  • Diamonds
  • Rosin

The significant difference between these types lies in their method of extraction.

What is dabbing?

Cannabis concentrates can be consumed on their own as well. One of the most popular methods to do so is by dabbing. The concentrates can be vaporized using a dab rig or portable vaporizer. In this method, a nail made from glass or ceramic is heated, and then concentrate is directly placed over it. Thus, it results in the vaporizing of concentrate, which can be consumed now.

The appropriate equipment

To consume cannabis safely, you need the proper equipment known as ‘dabbing equipment.’ You will need a specific setup to activate the cannabinoids properly. There are different options for different consumers. You may opt for a titanium nail, quartz nail, or bangers; each has its pros and cons. Quartz nail is not as durable as titanium nail; however, it heats faster than the latter.

Moreover, a quartz nail provides a better taste. Similarly, there are variations in bangers. Some users suggest heating it for 30 seconds only, while others recommend heating till it glows orange or red.

Concluding remarks

Cannabis concentrates have proven their strength in the medical field. Whether you are dealing with chronic conditions or intense stress, concentrates is a potent formula to assist you. However, the critical concern is that you should consume the right amount in the right way, especially if you are a medical patient.