Indica and Sativa strain differences

The difference between Indica and Sativa cannabis varieties

Rising awareness about health benefits of cannabis has made researchers explore various types of cannabis and their distinctive features. Since cannabis is being widely used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, it is important to have an insight into how one type differs from other and which type is more suited for a particular purpose.

Cannabis strains come in two major categories i.e. indica and sativa. Cannabis indica and cannabis sativa are two closely related but independent species and therefore, they vary – to a certain extent – in their usage and effects.

Difference in physical features:

The two species differ in their physical features with indica featuring short and bushy plants with broad shaped dark green leaves while sativa has tall and slim plants with thin, light green leaves.

Difference in chemical composition:

Most common components of cannabis that are highly studied by researchers are tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both these chemicals have distinctive features and have different effects on human body. Sativa is high in CBD levels while indica is high is TCH levels.

Difference in effects on human body:

Being rich in CBD, sativa is believed to be a brain stimulator and an energy booster. It produces the ‘high’ effect that energizes the person and improves efficiency. This quality makes sativa a mood lifter and an anti depression drug. It eases the stress and helps in improving the focus. These properties make sativa ideal for daytime use.

Indica is rich is TCH which is more associated with relaxation. It is therefore, often used as a sedative that helps fight insomnia and induces sleep. Indica is also a preferred form of cannabis when it comes to pain management. Its relaxing properties relieve pain and help patient sleep comfortably. This makes indica more of a night time drug. Indica is also good for stimulating appetite.

Cheeba Beans consider:

  • Any strain over 90% Indica an ‘Indica’ variety
  • Any strain over 90% Sativa a ‘Sativa’ variety
  • Any strain up to 65% Indica / Sativa a balanced ‘Hybrid’ variety
  • Any strain over 65% Indica a ‘Mostly Indica’ variety
  • Any strain over 65% Sativa a ‘Mostly Sativa’ variety

At Cheeba Beans we refer to Sativa / Indica as Genotype, you can shop by Genotype on our homepage or you can follow the specific area links below:

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