How to sex cannabis plants

As you would be aware that the cannabis plant constitutes both male and female, how to find the sex of the cannabis plant? Cannabis is a dioecious plant, which implies that it has male and female organs in different plants. The female is mostly isolated from the male so that pollination does not occur; else, female plants will produce seeds.

If you are working with feminized seeds, then you are sure that it is a female plant. However, working with regular seeds can be tricky.

Method to determine the sex of the plant

You can determine the sex of a plant by having a close observation between their nodes. A node is where leaves and branches extend from the stalk. In a male plant, the pollen sacs will develop on the nodes to spread seeds. A stigma develops on the node in a female plant because it will need to catch the pollen. The difference between male and female plant is spotted in the pre-flower stage. A pre-flower stage starts weeks before the plant begins the reproductive cycle.

How to examine nodes

It is difficult for the observer to catch the difference between male and female nodes with the naked eye. Thus, it is better to use a magnifying glass, which can give you a closer look. The number of ways to determine the sex of plant are not confined to this method; however, the pre-flower process is the most reliable and efficient one.

Hermaphrodite cannabis plants

When a female cannabis plant starts producing both female and male organs, it is considered a hermaphrodite. This condition can cause your plant to produce pollen that can pollinate the entire garden. Plant damage, bad weather, disease, nutrient deficiencies are some of the reasons that can contribute to hermaphrodite.

Concluding Remarks

Once you can successfully determine the sex of a cannabis plant, you can regulate the pollinating procedure smoothly.