dark-horse-genetics-hanfsamen-logoExperience & Knowledge

Dark Horse Genetics was founded by the breeder of the world famous Bruce Banner strain.

Seeking to bring new and exciting flavors to the market

Strong Strains

The Bruce Banner our as house strain to much fanfare, long lines and wait list pre orders to the hoards trying to get this strain.

Winning the High Times Caregivers Cup 2009, High Times Cannabis Cup Denver 2014, Best US Non-solvent Hash 3rd place,

Highest Tested THC in High Times Cannabis history, and Title of Strongest Strain on Earth (High Times),

and number 9 on High Times 25 Greatest strains of all time! Bruce Banner has become the stuff of legends.

Innovative & Practical

Access to the world’s best clones and privately selected phenos.

With over 15 years experience, Multiple Cannabis Cup Wins and the World’s Strongest Strain,

DarkHorse Genetics is now proud to offer its private selections to all.

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