Black Friday Special 2019!

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Hi everyone, Black Friday 2019 is here! We’re pushing something a little different this year. 4 seed banks in total with an automatic 25% discount on checkout.

Growers Choice NL:
Currently one of the fastest growing cannabis seeds companies in the UK and Europe. They offer old school classics such as Amnesia and OG Kush variations as well as an array of the sought-after California Genetics such as Zkittlez, Gelato, Wedding Cake, Watermelon variations + more. Their Frosty Gelato even won a category in 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup!

Check out the full Growers Choice NL collection:

In-House Genetics:
In-House Genetics is a seed bank which specialises in micro-breeding. New strains are released regularly and is a winner when it comes to developing new cross breeds and exclusive limited crosses. They take pride in their craft and will never settle for anything less than perfect.

Check out the full In-House Genetics collection:

New England Genetics:
New England Genetics is a seed bank who only operate via a private account on Instagram and offer some of the most mouth-watering strains such as Pink Starburst.

Check out the full New England Genetics collection:

Anesia Seeds:
Anesia Seeds is a seedbank who pride themselves on super high THC, terpene rich Cannabis cultivars that cover Indica, Sativa, hybrids, Kush, medical strains and landrace varieties. Using high standards developed by multi-generational professional breeding methods, Anesisa Seeds guarantees award winning outstanding results, high cannabinoid profiles and the highest standards in terms of quality, aroma and potency. Many of the Anesia Seeds strains THC levels exceed 30% which is impressive.

Check out the full Anesia Seeds collection:

All the above seed banks will receive a 25% price deduction on checkout. The discount is also automatically applied on checkout and begins 12:01am 29.11.2019 and ends 02.12.2019 11:59pm GMT.


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