4 hot new arrivals in at Cheeba Beans! White Runtz, Slurricane, Vanilla Frosting and MAC

Quick hot new arrival update from Cheeba Beans.

Anesia Seeds have been really popular for us over the past few months due to an handful of their strains topping 30%+ THC!

We have 4 more mouth-watering strains which we know will be very popular throughout 2020:

– White Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato)

White Runtz is one of the biggest souvenirs in California at the moment and Anesia have brought it over for the European market!

Webstore Link: https://www.cheebabeans.com/collections/hot-new-arrivals/products/white-runtz

Slurricane (Do-Si-Dos (Nor-Cal-Cut x Purple Punch))

Slurricane, one of the most popular strains throughout the US now available in Europe! Anesia became aware of the genetics early and got down to work to get the best out of it therefore Slurricane is one of the strongest THC yielding souvenirs at this current time.

Webstore Link: https://www.cheebabeans.com/collections/hot-new-arrivals/products/slurricane

– Vanilla Frosting (Gelato x Frost OG)

Vanilla Frosting is the result of Gelato and Frost OG coming together. Anesia describe this as an highlight of all Gelato varieties of the past few years and offers extraordinarily strong properties.

Webstore Link: https://www.cheebabeans.com/collections/hot-new-arrivals/products/vanilla-frosting

– MAC (Alien Cookies x (Starfighter x Colombian))

MAC is like a supernova in cannabis genetics and shines with outstanding properties.

Webstore Link: https://www.cheebabeans.com/collections/hot-new-arrivals/products/mac-1